Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The Accident Final Cut

Changes/improvements made
After revewing the Accident first cut, we realised that there were a few areas of the clip that needed alterations. We started off by adding a dissolve in and out so that it looked refined.

We noticed that the ending of the rough cut when the two characters were running out of the door was not relevant so we decided to cut this clip out as it still finished appropriately. I the middle when the character says 'really' the continuity from that clip as well as the previous clip was not fluent as it suddenly changes and looks very unrefined. So we stretched the clip so that it remained continuous.

Concluding my Blog
Overall I think my blog was consistent and organised as I always kept up with all my work and it has all helped me when it comes to do my coursework. I particularly enjoyed learning how to experiment with different softwares such as photoshop and Final Cut Express. All of my work was reasonably detailed but I will improve it even further by check if the correct terminology was used.

I will try my best to improve all areas asking for feedback for each task so that my blog is officially complete to the best of my ability.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Representation of the drama genre for 'The Accident'

The genre that I had selected was drama and the shot was a low angle long shot of a white young female and an asian young male looking upset or almost shocked about something. The clothes that both characters are wearing suggest a very formal environment, as if they were in a work place of some sort. The image suggests a very open environment as the shot is taken in a public stairway suggesting that the lives of bith characters were very public. The picture is very light however a very faint shadow is created on the characters faces suggesting that they were hiding something.

There is a significant amount of light source in this image. The female character is stood right next to the light to suggest a sense of innocence as well as guilt for something that she had done. The body language of the characters compliments the theme as there are several moods conveyed in the shot such as fright, shock, passion and contempt. The male character was positioned deliberately on the top of the stairs to create a hidden identity there was mystery behind the male.

This shot is successful as it captures the genre quite evidently. The body language is the main subject which helps us to identify the genre. The positioning of each character compliments the genre very well.

If I were to re-shoot this I would make sure that the male was a step down so the expression on his face was evident. I would make the female express more on her face to show her feelings. I might even cut the male out of the shoot and just shoot the expressions of the female as her emotion is conveyed clearly in this shot.

'The Accident' Evaluation

The Accident was quiet a realistic story, as it shows the everyday life of any adolescent and it relates to many teenagers. The Accident consists of a variety of shots. The editing of the shots was done to a good standard, however it could have been improved by taking shots that compliment each other, for example going from an eye-level midshot to a close-up. This would be beneficial as in this movie the shots contrast each other as we go from an eye-level midshot suddenly into an over the shoulder shot, this seems like a big jump and does not link in to one another.

The editing should be fluent and the different shots should compliment each other, this movie clip does flow reasonably well, unfortunately it has a few problems as some areas change the shot before the previous character has stopped talking.

The shoot was reasonably efficient as we did majority of our shots in the time we were given, though we had to work fifteen minutes overtime as we had two more shots to take. This fifteen minutes was very unefficient as our shoot was disturbed by peers and background noise. We had to retake one shot over eleven times which was not very resourceful. However overall, the shots lived up to our expectations.

If I had a chance to re-shoot and re-create this short movie, I would use shots which compliment one another and keep the clips flowing. During the editing process I would make sure that there is at least an extra second of each clip before linking them to each other so that it does not seem as if the characters were in a rush while shooting. In the future I would make sure the story was cut shorter and less shots are used, as the quality is more of a priority then quantity.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Camera Work Techniques, Composition tips

Crane down, look up is a technique that starts out with an eye level camera angle towards the subject onscreen. The camera then is put in a low angle position and is tilted up towards the subject. The images transforms from a normal angle to a drastic angles from below.

I think this shot was quite difficult to capture as you need a high hill or cliff for this shot to be successful. However I think t was a good first attempt and I will try to re-inact the shot better in my further work.


The reflection Technique is a very interesting technique. Instead of seeing the noraml omage we actually see a reflected image. This makes us view a distortion of real life for a short period of time. Mirrors are the main way that you can see reflection.

I think this shot was particularly challenging to attempt as it was all to do with the correct positioning of the subject as well as the positionb of the camera.


Nose room is the space in front of the subject. There is space in the direction of which the subject or character is facing, otherwise the subject looks as if the nose was getting cut off.

Film Poster Annotations

Film Poster

Overall I think our film poster was quite effective the only thing that I would change if I had to do this task again would have been the font of the tag title as it does not go with the overall poster. It seems to be out of place.

In lesson we learnt how to use Photoshop in different ways. One of the main things we had laernt was adding and experimenting with different layers, this helps you break things down and work on one specific section at a time and then you can fuse them together to create the overall picture.

We also learnt how to brighten a picture as well as defining it. I am pleased with the way that the poster was feathered in, however I would like to learn how to blend the background and foreground together in a more subtle way so it does not look as if it was tapestry. I am happy the way that the feathering darkened the face and made it fit in with the genre. I would like to learn how to play around with the focus of the image as well as professionally manipulating the image in the future.