Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The Accident Final Cut

Changes/improvements made
After revewing the Accident first cut, we realised that there were a few areas of the clip that needed alterations. We started off by adding a dissolve in and out so that it looked refined.

We noticed that the ending of the rough cut when the two characters were running out of the door was not relevant so we decided to cut this clip out as it still finished appropriately. I the middle when the character says 'really' the continuity from that clip as well as the previous clip was not fluent as it suddenly changes and looks very unrefined. So we stretched the clip so that it remained continuous.

Concluding my Blog
Overall I think my blog was consistent and organised as I always kept up with all my work and it has all helped me when it comes to do my coursework. I particularly enjoyed learning how to experiment with different softwares such as photoshop and Final Cut Express. All of my work was reasonably detailed but I will improve it even further by check if the correct terminology was used.

I will try my best to improve all areas asking for feedback for each task so that my blog is officially complete to the best of my ability.

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